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St. Mary Accolades



Honor Roll 


Highest Honors (4.0)
Grade 8: Claire Eberhardt, Libby Fischer, Cecelia Garton, Mattie N, Isabella Zeigler
Grade 7: Lauren Campbell, Jack Darnell, Julia Majors, Samantha Reese
Grade 6: Austin Haig, Brandon McCune, Paul Palaski
Grade 5: Gracen Competty, Gabrielle Hickman, Ryan Parlin, Katy Perry, Paige Reese, Jacob Sweetnich, Charlie VanKoughnet

Honor Roll (3.5 GPA or greater)
Grade 8:
Tyler Neal, Sydney Risaliti, Sidney Rivera, Ellie Smith
Grade 7: Blake Abbott, Steven Angeles, Taryn Codispoti, Sloan Kearns, Cynthia Popovich, Maya VanKoughnet
Grade 6: Riley Campbell, Elijah Combs, Ian Paul
Grade 5: Luke Beese, Suzanna Codispoti, Regan Darnell

Merit Roll (3.0 to 3.49 GPA)
Grade 8:
Austin Beck, Dominic Carbone, Cole Jones, Jacob LoCoco, Kolton Moll, Elias Moody, Samantha Rieger
Grade 7: Jennifer Scott
Grade 6: Zach Bradford, Nick Hatheway
Grade 5: Jacob Berbari, Kylie Douglas, Sam Garton


Spelling Bee

Congratulations Spelling Bee Winners!

 We are pleased to announce our winners:
First Place-Jack Darnell (grade 6)
Second Place- Claire Eberhardt (grade 7)

Congratulations to all our participants!

Power of the Pen

District Level Qualifiers:
Jay Aaron (7th Grade)
Grace Bentzel (7th Grade)
Julianan Colant (7th Grade)

Nash Koch (8th Grade)
Natalie Savage (8th Grade)
Ally Johnson (8th Johnson)