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Visual Arts

We offer students an array of art opportunities to meet any interests. We recognize all students have unique God-given talents and offer programs to encourage unique skill development. 

Specialty Arts Programs

The following is a list of the programs we have offered through

a partnership with ArtsInStark: 

Drama in Language Arts

Students in 5th-8th grade recieved a well-rounded experiential learning experience with a grant from ArtsinStark. During Spring semester, students applied what they learned in Language Arts classes by performing a play based on their readings. Students are also involved in theater improv through their Language Classes.


Unique Art in the Classroom : 2014 - 2015


Preschool teachers were trained and are integrating unique art into classrooms. Besides regular art classes, teachers offered opportunity for children to make art projects different from their classmates. Afterall, it's our different qualities that make us special. 


Experiential Learning: Art and Science Class Come Together : 2015 - 2016

Through an extension of an existing grant, we are creating a program linking the arts with science at all of our schools. This grant will provide for a local visiting artist in each of our schools, collaborating with classroom teachers, to explore a series of lessons about animals, habitats, the food chain, fossils and extinction. This will link learning in our science curriculum with visual arts, and provide for an enriching and creative experience in participating grades. 


Art Integrated into the Classroom: 2016 - 2017 


Each of our schools has welcomed ArtsinStark Teaching Artists to complete their 21st Century Learning Initiatives. The Teaching Artists coordinate with 2nd grade classes to explore learning opportunities by integrating visual and drama artforms into classroom lessons.  This program allows students to learn curriculum in exciting and unique ways, while exercising creativity.