It's never too early to be thinking about summer! Holy Cross Catholic Schools offers a variety of summer camps that can keep your child entertained (and learning) throughout their summer break!
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Summer Camps & Events

2016 Summer Camps & Programs

We have something for everyone this summer! All programs are open to any Holy Cross Academy Catholic Schools student as well as the public, space permitting. Drama Club is only available to HCA Catholic Schools students. Take a look at the three flyers below to see what we have to offer!  

President's Newsletter

Dear Families,

Recently I was privileged to listen to HCA’s Marketing and Enrollment Network, comprised of HCA parents, when they shared why they value our Catholic schools. Over and over I heard that parents value Catholic education because of the holistic approach our schools provide. They stressed: not only do our schools provide a strong educational foundation, but our children are taught a sense of values and mutual respect that last throughout their lives. What else? Their children are poised, able to converse with adults, achieve at high levels, and leave our schools ready to become successful leaders in their communities. I was very inspired by the many examples and stories shared by our parents, some who are new to our Catholic Schools, who said they found exactly what they were seeking for their children in our communities.

Here are some new and exciting initiatives happening right now in our Holy Cross Academy Catholic Schools:

SAMM SCIENCE CENTER                                                                                        
As a result of a Holy Cross Academy request to the SAMM Science Center director, it’s vast supply of science and math resources will be available to HCA teachers next school year. All of our schools will now have the advantage of science and math resources and equipment, equipment training, content related lessons for teachers, and Math, Science and STEM Lead Teacher Groups and instructional training. The SAMM Center provides delivery and pickup right to the doors of our schools, offering students hands-on learning opportunities throughout the math and science curriculum.  Thank you to one of our parents, Ann Palaski, for taking the time to introduce HCA to this resource.

SUMMER CAMPS                                                                                                                                 We have launched several Holy Cross Academy summer camp opportunities for kids. First, we’ve expanded upon last summer’s unique school events and camps. These are varied and located at every school location. You can choose to attend one, some, or all! Mix them up and have fun…and bring friends so they can get to know our schools! Next, we’re offering a four week Drama camp (space is limited on this one!) with a full production of 101 Dalmations: Kids.  Finally, HCA will have STREAM themed day camps throughout the entire summer vacation at four sites: Regina Coeli in Alliance, St. Paul in North Canton, and St. Mary and St. Barbara Schools in Massillon.  The day camps are open to any students attending HCA or public schools. Choose some or all! Your kids will love a summer of fun that is reflective of their school experience of faith, excellence, safety, and community. For more information, visit

21st CENTURY LEARNING INITIATIVES                                                                                                                 
HCA schools are characterized by educational excellence, emphasizing individual instruction and high expectations. It’s important to parents that Catholic schools also offer additional value.  Each of our schools is exploring how their individualities and programs make them unique. For example, next year St. Barbara School will be focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with students immersed in problem based learning. And Regina Coeli’s “Young Explorers” (students Pre k – 5) will link science with literacy, establishing high standards for reading readiness and comprehension

throughout every grade level. These ideas promote the integrity of our educational programs while (don’t tell the kids!) keeping learning exciting!

BENEFIT CONCERT….. AND THE BENEFITS!                                                                   
This year our 2nd annual benefit concert again raised funds to support HCA’s “Be a Student’s Friend” tuition assistance fund, plus expanded arts programming. As an annual event, the concert brings public recognition to our schools and gives students a showcase for their talent.  What does the future hold? We’re exploring possibilities: the concert has opened a door to provide HCA students with a unique choral experience mentored by talent from NYC; next year we want to link student talent in art and music with our Catholic faith, and we’re brainstorming how to reach out to more families through future events.

This past year, an ArtsinStark matching grant provided funding so local artists could pair with our 5th grade teachers during instruction. They combined art expression with the science content standards to teach about ecosystems. This experience provided students and teachers alike an opportunity to take learning outside the box for more in depth understanding. We’re talking with ArtsinStark again. They are very excited to work with our K – 2nd grade students and want to plan next year’s programming to reflect each individual school’s developing focus. In another program, one 6 – 8 grade student team from each school will be invited to participate in the new Genius Project: an Arts and Engineering challenge sponsored by ArtsinStark. The kids are going to love it!

DON’T FORGET ATHLETICS                                                                                                            
Our Athletic Committee has been collaborating at monthly meetings to grow our sports programs (did you know we now have tennis?), They are planning two family events to help offset the costs of athletics programming: one at STA and the other at CCHS. Watch your school newsletters for more information.

DECAL CHALLENGE                                                                                                            
HCA’s first ever decal challenge (which school can post the most pics online with their decal and community members together?) has been extended until the end of April.  Help YOUR school win an HCA sponsored movie party and have fun being creative with your pictures. If you need details, contact your school office for the information sheet. We hope you’ll apply that decal to your vehicle to show others “I love my Catholic School!”


Jackie Zufall,

President, Holy Cross Academy