It's never too early to be thinking about summer! Holy Cross Catholic Schools offers a variety of summer camps that can keep your child entertained (and learning) throughout their summer break!
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A Community of Catholic Schools


Annual Appeal

Our Catholic Schools are not just schools....they are communities of believersOur purpose is not to train is to prepare them to continue the Catholic school legacy of highly educated, moral leadersYour help is not needed....unless you believe, as we do, that Catholic schools are vital to our future, to our faith, and that we must reinvent how we do business. 

Holy Cross Catholic Schools offers a promising future...

1. After a twenty year decline...elementary school enrollment has stabilized

2. After a lifetime of isolated efforts... nine schools are working as one system utilizing a business model.

3. After limited opportunities individually....together, under Holy Cross, we're taking the lead in the arts, athletics, educational programming, and in preparing students for the 21st century. 

If you believe in Catholic education, as we do, and you want to see Catholic education grow in Stark County please consider a contribution to Holy Cross. Your donation will provide: tuition assistance, arts and athletic programs, and the means to support all 9 Catholic elementary schools with marketing and educational excellence.