It's never too early to be thinking about summer! Holy Cross Catholic Schools offers a variety of summer camps that can keep your child entertained (and learning) throughout their summer break!
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Getting Started

Holy Cross Academy is something you have to experience to truly understand. We invite you to schedule a tour to see our community in action. Our weekly masses and daily prayers center our students and set the tone for our days. Our students of every age exhibit manners, show respect and demonstrate school pride. Our teachers start the day by greeting their students with a smile at the doorway of their classrooms.

We encourage you to visit our warm and vibrant community. Please contact a campus for more information or to schedule a tour

We always welcome new families and will accept applications at anytime.


Four Great Things about Holy Cross Academy

  1. We have the ability to strengthen our schools in a collaborative system. 
  2. We have the ability to utilize our human and financial resources in a more efficient, accountable manner, following the principles of good stewardship.  
  3. We have the ability to tell the story of Catholic education in a more compelling manner.  
  4. We have the ability to create structures that will enable sustainability, growing our enrollment potential.   

See the Difference